Tuesday, May 19, 2009

C.A.L.M. when speaking

You strive to be calm when speaking in public, right? Here's why - you want to be:
C.A.L.M.when speaking.

Yes, it's an acronym, a mnemonic (Professional hazard as I am an engineer by trade and mien.)

I use this when creating and delivering a presentation - it's an easy way to remember the following keys for a successful speech.
  • Colorful - Use words and phrases that create pictures and carry emotion.
  • Articulate - Keep in mind your goal for the presentation, be organized and precise in your presentation. Try to make the complex simple and not the other way around.
  • Lively - Use your body to communicate, your face to show emotion, your location in the room to make sure you are seen and heard, your hands to emphasize and demonstrate.
  • Modulated - Use your voice fully, vary your volume, pitch, tempo and speed. Speak softly to draw the audience in, loudly to excite them.
CALM your next speech presentation and delivery - and see how it helps. Each point will be dissected in detail in future posts.

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