Sunday, April 10, 2005

Icebreaker Redux

This was my first speech to this Toastmasters Club (SpeakEasier). It's a second Icebreaker, given about 13 years after earning my CTM (Competent Toast Master). I wanted to 'wow' the audience, enrich them and engage them.

However, the best and first goal for an Icebreaker is to introduce yourself. Simply introduce yourself. Let the listeners know you as a person.

The result? Somewhere amidst the eleven (11!) "ahhs" and "umms", I managed to cram in three speeches. In 7+ minutes. Needless to say, it gave short shrift to introducing me. Whoops.

I tried to accomplish too much in such a short speech. I felt hurried doing it and I should've known. I also worked hard on the opening - memorizing it and refining it - and I pitched overboard, starting completely differently.

At least one of the positive comments I received was that I had managed "to organize and fit so much into such a short speech".

Unfortunately, I think this left most of the content spilling over onto the floor as I overworked the retentive capabilities of my listeners. Sigh.

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